Program Description

  • Course Name: Early Childhood Education
  • Degree Level: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Study Mode: Full Time
  • Credit Hours: 120
  • Years: 4
  • Instruction Language: English
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education
  • Study Plan: Link

The Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education program is specifically designed for the individuals who are enthusiastic and interested in early childhood education (ECE) up to the age of eight.

The program emphasizes on the best developmentally appropriate practices for children’s growth, development, and learning, in terms of planning, implementation and assessment of learning activities for inclusive classroom settings.

The program prepares students for 21st century research-based knowledge, skills, and competencies that are vital for young learners with or without disabilities. The program also provides guidelines for the involvement of families and communities in children’s development and learning. The designated standards for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) serve as the Jumeira University’s curriculum design principles. The program aims to achieve the following:

Promote child development and learning

Build family and community relationships

Observe, document, and asses the support of young children and families

Use developmentally effective approaches to learning

Use content knowledge to build meaningful curricula

Train professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education

Why B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education?

As Early Childhood Education is one of the growing fields in the UAE, employers are not only expecting qualification but increasingly expecting skills and competencies, such as critical and creative thinking, communication, real-world problem solving, decision-making, community engagement, technology integration as well as advocacy related to young children with or without special needs.

The B.Ed. in ECE program not only ensures students’ active involvement in knowledge construction, evaluation, and application, but provides students with practical opportunities to enhance their personal competencies in the field of early childhood education.

The program, along with courses of study, is strongly embedded with practical field-placement experience from Junior to senior levels, including early field-placements and internships. The purpose of field placement is to provide student teachers with opportunities to transform theories into actual classroom practices, working directly with children and evaluating the impact of experience to improve further.

The program’s personnel maintain effective relationships with prospective employers in order to provide students with full assistance in securing their places for early field-placements and internships.

As early childhood education is one of the fastest growing and in-demand fields in the UAE, this program ensure the training of ethical professionals who are laced with up-to-date knowledge, skills, and competencies to serve the community.

Career Prospects

Since there is a strong demand for ECE professionals in the UAE, most of the students receive job offers soon after graduation. The B.Ed. in ECE program prepares students for a range of career paths in the field of early childhood education as follows:

• Childcare/Nursery Teacher

• Teacher Assistant/ Shadow Teacher

• Kindergarten Teachers

• Primary Teacher (grade 1-3)

• Early Years Specialist/Adviser

• ECE Training Coordinator

• Family Support Worker / Social Worker

• Early Years Play Specialist

• Childcare Program Director

• Parent Educator/Counselor

Jumeira University maintains strong links with the local educational industry, and is fully up-to-date with current legislations and policies in order provides continuous support to its graduates for their professional development and career progress.

Study Mode, Duration & Study Plan

The program is offered on a full time basis. The total number of required credits for this program is 120 credit hours. Students are expected to complete their degree in 4 years.The Early Childhood Education study plan is presented below:Link

Tuition, Fees, Scholarship and Financial Support

AED 45,000First Year Tuition
AED 54,000 per yearSecond, Third and Fourth Year Tuition

AED 1,500 (a one-time fee / non-refundable)Admission Fee
AED 750 (charged every semester/ non-refundable)Student Services Fee
AED 750 (charged every semester/ non-refundable)Learning and Development Fees
AED 1,200 – 1,800 (per semester)Textbooks Fees
Tuition is based on 15 credits per semester. Tuition is subject to change.

Tuition is paid for on a semester-by-semester basis. Easy payment plans are available.

Scholarship and Financial Support

Jumeira University offers a wide range of scholarship and financial support opportunities to its current and prospective students. For more information, contact the Enrollment Office or visit this Link.

Entry and Language Requirements

Secondary Education:

ο UAE Secondary School Certificate or equivalent

ο Score: At least 70% on Grade 12


ο English: All students must maintain the following requirements:

University Admission:

ο TOEFL: 500

ο IELTS: 5

ο EmSAT: 1100 – 1225

Program Admission:

ο TOEFL: 550

ο IELTS: 6

ο EmSAT: 1400 – 1525

How to Apply

Students can apply for the program either through the University’s Enrollment Office on campus or online using the following link.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Students are, however, admitted only at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.