Student Services

Student Services

At Jumeira University we dedicate our resources and facilities in the service of our students, supporting them with an exciting environment where they can learn, develop, and become the best learners they can be. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly through across various departments, providing the students with any assistance they need. 

Being a freshman at the novel environment of a university can often be a stressful experience for young students, often posing as a hurdle that would take away from what essentially is a life-changing experience. We at Jumeira University are aware of such challenges, and our exhaustively trained staff and faculty members provide uninterrupted support to our students as they familiarize themselves with theirsurroundings and navigate their way toward comfort and confidence. 

The offices listed below are there to help and assist students deal with and overcome anyproblems, and discuss any issues students mightface during their studies at Jumeira University. 

Registrar Office

The Registrar Office provides academic services to students from registration to graduation. In addition, it is where students receive academic and career advice to keep track of their academic progressThe Registrar Office is also tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations governing students on campus. It maintains, interprets, and monitors academic policy, and communicates all pertinent procedures to students. For more information, see Student Development. The services of the office include:

Academic Courses Registration /Academic Data and Student Policies 

Class Scheduling /Exam Administration 

Degree Auditing /Student Awards /Graduation 

Enrollment office

The Enrollment Office is responsible for all enrollment services for prospective students. This is where students go to learn more about the university and receive guidance on everything that has to do with applying, including Admissions and Scholarships. 

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is responsible for coordinating all services and activities that pertain to student experience at JumeiraUniversityThe office liaises with various offices and departments to deliver programs for student development and engagement. Additionally, the office provides many administrative services,including: 

 Student Identification Card (ID): Students are issued an identification card after registration at the university. It is required to identify students and to get access to the campus and its facilities 

 Student @JU Email Account: Students are issued a university email account once registered at the university. It is the official communication channel between the university, its faculty and staff, and the students 

 Transportation: The office facilitates transportation services to female students.Transportation is available to a group of at least 7 students who travel between the university and the same destination 

• Child Care Center: The Child Care Center located on the female campus provides morning, afternoon, and evening childcare services on weekly and term bases. It includes a nursery for newborns up to 12 months and daycare programs for children between 1 and 5-years-old 

Student Engagement Office

The Student Engagement Office is responsible for all campus events and student activities. It organizes, executes, and supervises all student social, cultural, and entertainment programs. Its main objective is to help students develop their interests and skills through a variety of programs and activities. 

Learning and Development Academy (LDA)

The Learning and Development Academy is responsible for planning and delivering short- and long-term learning programs tailored to student and community needs. Additionally, the Academy is tasked with organizing all seminars and workshops, as well as providing counsel on student development programs. 

The courses offered at the Academy are: 

  • Professional development courses
  • Language development courses:  English language program/Arabic language program for non-native speakers 
  • General education programs 

IT and Technology

The Jumeira University Information Technology team is a dedicated technical support team that maintains a reliable information technology infrastructure to support the operations and learning activities at the University, ensures seamless connectivity and mobile access, and provides advanced equipment and the latest software tools to enable a smoothly functioning learning environment. The Jumeira University Information Technology office offers the following services: 

 Student E-PortalJumeira Universitymaintains a dedicated portal that provides a range of online services to manage communications and provide access to academic resources for enrolled students. The portal is a gateway to accessing lecture notes, subject information, calendars and timetables, policies and forms, book lists and an electronic library with over 85,000 resources, the faculty directory,and other related resources. Students can also manage course selections, access marks and official transcripts, and receive important alerts on academic and other official matters throughthis portal. 

 EquipmentThe Jumeira University campus isequipped with all the necessary hardware components to facilitate the best learning experience and uninterrupted access to learning resources. The campus contains more than 80 workstations at computer labs and other access points. The classrooms and lecture theaters aresimilarly equipped with interactive smart boards,modern computers, and audio and video systemsthat support interactive learning. In addition, printing services are provided in the library for students at affordable prices 

 Technical Support: The IT Support Administrator is available during working hours to assist students with any technical difficulties they may face. A helpdesk service also operates through the IT service request application which provides an integrated incident management system and ensures that any issue – such as email activation, password reset, and hardwareproblems – is appropriately and promptly addressed and resolved. 

Student Finance Office

The Student Finance Office is responsible for collecting student tuition and fees and dealing with deferred payments and payment plans.